• mdaw will transform how people seek support and knowledge for issues around mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • People can get advice from others in business who have experienced mental health challenges, by posting questions publicly or anonymously.

13 March 2017 marked the launch of the Mental Difference at Work question and answer support community, which will change the way millions communicate about mental difference in the workplace.

The resource will transform the way people and employers seek support and knowledge for issues around mental and emotional wellbeing, in a collective sharing and learning environment.

Mental Health in Business and Rungway have joined forces to launch the new mental difference resource, which is a philanthropic venture that is free to everyone globally to access and leverage. Rungway is a mobile app that helps people gain work and life advice from their colleagues – either anonymously or publicly. The smartphone app sparks one-on-one conversations that provide people with valuable help and varied points of view.

Through the app, people can join Mental Difference at Work to get advice and points of view from people in business who have experienced, or are experiencing, any form of mental health challenge, by posting questions publicly or anonymously.

Anonymity is key when seeking advice around sensitive topics or issues, and the discretion of being matched into one-on-one conversations is unique when comparing Rungway to other group chat tools.

Colin Minto, Founder of Mental Health in Business and an ‘open’ sufferer of OCD, is thrilled by the collaboration with Rungway.

“At last, the millions of people globally with personal or related mental difference experience, can engage with a resource to ask questions overtly and, more importantly, covertly to get immediate answers, support, comfort and connectivity to additional resources,” commented Mr Minto.

“When I opened up about my personal and life-long battle with OCD in early 2016, I joined a small but growing movement of individuals and organisations that was trying to knock over the stigma associated with mental difference,” he continued. “At the time, I soon realised it would be unrealistic to reach out to everyone via existing social media resources, because the majority of people with mental difference don’t want to ‘go public’ because of the stigma still attached. Then along came Rungway, which will change my life and the lives of others demonstrably – a dream of mine come true. Mental Difference at Work will help build individuals’ confidence in their capability, demonstrate to the world and businesses that mental difference can improve outcomes and productivity, and celebrate the achievements of those with all forms of difference”.

Julie Chakraverty, founder of Rungway, sees Mental Difference at Work as a force for good and change.

“Official statistics suggest one in four people will experience mental illness each year, and the impact on people’s lives and careers can be devastating. When we met Colin and understood his aspirations to support others, we were proud to share the Rungway platform. We hope Mental Difference at Work will become the ‘go-to’ community to seek and acquire support and knowledge for everyone with an interest in mental health,” she said.

Both companies hope the partnership can change perceptions of mental health in the workplace by providing a non-judgemental and supportive environment to seek and provide advice.   It’s hoped the group will amplify the message that people with mental difference can still achieve amazing things.

To join Mental Difference at Work, download Rungway from the App Store or Google Play, then email customer.support@rungway.com requesting access to the group.

If you are an employer, please feel free to promote Mental Difference at Work to your employees via your intranet or employee assistance programme resources.

If you are a mental difference charity or support organisation please feel free to encourage your followers to download the app and join the group.

If you are a medical professional, counsellor or therapist, please join the group to answer questions from the millions that will ultimately join and give them the benefit of your expertise and support. Thank you.

For all enquiries:

Colin Minto

Founder of Mental Health in Business, Director of APeopleBusiness

PH: +44 (0)7887 480142

E: colin.minto@apeoplebusiness.com