Mental Health Readiness Model

Contrary to how mental health challenges are stigmatised, there are a lot of positives, including; different ways of thinking and more effective problem solving, which enables businesses to create better outcomes.

By understanding the HERO model and making small but impactful changes that invest in your workers, everyone in your business will feel more comfortable, happy, relaxed and valued; increasing their engagement, affinity to the organisation and productivity. Good for them, great for your business, and just the right thing to do!

Take immediate action and achieve immediate return!

  • Benchmark your current end to end culture, conditions and environment against the HERO Mental Health Readiness Model.
  • Comparing how prepared, equipped and capable you are against recognised global excellence.
  • Working with, and learning from, all stakeholders to achieve a comprehensive 360⁰ outcome.

What you will learn?

  • Existing areas of excellence to articulate, celebrate, share and bake into your business strategy.
  • Areas to evolve, replace or add to harness and support the skills and expertise from all employees, regardless if they have mental health challenges or not.
  • Series of critical objectives, projects and connections to migrate towards leading class.