Are you ‘OPEN’ for Mental Difference Business?

Since opening up personally about my own mental difference I have campaigned tirelessly on two fronts: To celebrate the capabilities, skills and gifts mental difference gives to people and how business can leverage these. Changing the language and narrative away from ‘Project Doom’ to a more positive way of discussing the subject, to encourage more [...]

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Old ladies and busses

As a kid I was taught that proof of being a good person and pillar of society was to do nice things like helping old ladies across the road! In my mind as a child it was one of those things that good people aspired to do and Police Officers did as part of their [...]

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Can we please be more positive about mental difference!

I read with interest that the Institute for Public Policy Research suggests businesses in the UK are not doing enough to address the problem of people leaving work and moving onto sickness benefits, and that the biggest rise is from people claiming benefits because of a mental health condition. They recommend greater obligations on employers to [...]

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Should we drop hidden and what classifies as a disability?

It’s been six months since I ‘opened up’ about my mental health experience and every day since has been a school day in one way or another, as I continually learn from others and institutions and build the Mental Health in Business community. Walking home through the park on Monday I processed a recent discussion [...]

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The New World of Work – The End of Employment Discrimination?

As I continually immerse myself deeper and deeper into raising the awareness of mental difference capability (, whilst simultaneously strengthening my day job activities ( with my learning and experiences, it occurred to me that employment discrimination could be a thing of the past sooner rather than later. If you think about it laterally, and [...]

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The Impact of Rail Strikes on Mental Health!

I've highlighted before that stress is not my friend. Equally, tiredness is my enemy, lack of exercise is my Achilles Heel and confined spaces where I am squeezed up against others can trigger an OCD event! All things I am faced with whilst trying to get to work and back during the Southern Rail and [...]

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2017 – The Year of Mental Difference Capability – #mymentaldifferencecapability

When I ‘opened up’ about my 30 year battle with OCD in August 2016, I had ambitions of playing a small part in raising awareness of mental health challenges in the workplace. The response however was unbelievable. Friends, connections and people I didn’t know were amazing and contacted me with messages of support and encouragement. [...]

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